Global Policy Analysis - Journal

On March 2020 NGIC launched its Global Policy Analysis a new, well-constructed, informative and educational journal which the issues are published bimonthly and both electronic and printed versions are circulated.

The first issue of GPA started with the uncertainity of the pandemic and continued with the topics of the vaccines safety, eddicacy and access to all; the ways to revive global economy: impact to SDG in hope that it will make us leave these hard days behind and back to our day-to-day life.

The views and opinions of distinguished world leaders, exprts and thinkers to address a wide range of challenging issues are sharing with the readers including: Environment and economy, conflict over natural resources; Leadership in climate change; How can the countries of Central and Eastern Europe find new engines of sustained growth?  How is the international order equpped to promote the balance between  cooperation and competition that will be required to face global challenges from war and peace to longer term tasks like the SDGs, biodiversity loss and Climate Change? How can we build on the legacy of the 20th century to move to a new world order suitable to the 21st? How can we reconcile continued economic development with ecological security and the rights of future generations? Why we have problem withglobal climat change and leadership? How is leadership changing in a changing world order? We will be debating these questions with internationally renowned experts from all fields of research including: politics, science, sociology, economy, culture, humanities and ethics.