High-Level Meetings

NGIC also organizes regional conferences with its local partners to assess issues and offer remedies to problems plaguing a given region. NGIC organized almost up to 40 High-Level Meetings and Missions across Europe , USA, Middle East and China to tackle regional and global problems and seek ways to overcome them.


1. International Celebrations of the 870th anniversary


2. Road Map Meeting; for the new World Paradigm or World Governance

3. I High Level Preparatory Meeting for “II Shared Societies Forum Baku”


4. II HLM: “Post 2015 Sustainable Development Agenda; Measuring Shared Societies”

5. “New Paradigm for Human Development”, Preparatory Meeting on consortium Partners

6. III HLM: “Rebuilding Trust in a Wider Europe”


7. IV HLM: “Building Trust in the International World Order”

8. Nizami Ganjavi Ethics, Research-International Symposium-Project

9. Fact Finding Mission to Ukraine

10. Fact Finding Mission to Istanbul

11. Library of Alexandria, inauguration of Nizami Ganjavi Bust

12. V HLM: “European Neighborhood: Leader’s Discussion on Riga Summit”

13. VI HLM: “New Visions of Partnership and Neighborhood for Europe”


14. VII HLM: “Addressing/Challenging Radicalization and Extremism with Interfaith Dialogue for Peace: What works?”

15. VIII HLM: “Global Forces, Local Voices: People Power in Globalized World”

16. IX HLM “The European Peace: What Recipe for a Strong Union for All?”

17. X HLM: “Violent Extremism and How to Fight It”


18. XI HLM: “Democratic Security in a Time of Extremism and Violence”

19. XII HLM: “China’s New Role in International Relations: The Prospects of One Belt, One Road Initiative”

20. XIII HLM: “Addressing the Humanitarian Challenges of a Euro Mediterranean Partnership”


21. High Level Mission on Exploring Dialogue in the Middle East

22. High Level Mission to Beijing

23. High Level Mission on Exploring Dialogue in the Middle East

24. XIV HLM: “Sustaining Peace and Development in the Changing World”

25. XV HLM: “ Islam and the West. Diversity and Integration”

26. XVI HLM: “Rebooting the European Projects: New Vision for a United Europe”


27. XVII HLM: “Development of China, Opportunities for the World”

28. XVIII HLM: “Geopolitics in the Age of Sustainable Development”

29. “EU Future for Western Balkans and Human Rights-Speak Truth to Power”

30. The Third Sustainability Summit for South-East Europe and Mediterranean joint with The Economist

31. Understanding China Guangzhou Conference “ New Globalization and China’s New Round of Reform and Opening-Up”

32. 85th Int'l Forum on China Reform “China and the World in the context of Unprecedented Profound Changes”

33. XIX HLM: “Freedom from Violence: Peace, Security and Conflict Prevention in the 2030 Development Agenda”

34. Imperial Springs International Forum “Multilateralism and Sustainable Development”

35. Imperial Springs International Forum “Multilateralism and Sustainable Development”


35. XXHLM:“Climate Change and Its Impact on the Life and The Cultural Heritage of Mediterranean”


36. High-Level Meeting: “Assessing Western Balkans-Way Forward” in partnership with SSVSA and NCAFP

37. High-Level Meeting “Peace, Diversity & our Common Humanity” in partnership with UNOG

38. XXI HLM: Exclusive side event to the UNGA “What does PEACE & STABILITY mean in the 21st century?”

39. XXII High Level Meeting “New Multilateralism”

40. High Level Meeting “New Multilateralism”