Nizami Ganjavi is the greatest representative of the Eastern Renaissance, who born in the XII century in sunny Azerbaijan & represented of world literature and philosophy in his immortal work “Khamsa” via the aesthetic power of his art.

Humanity, love, valuation of knowledge and women are the motifs at very heart of Nizami’s philosophy and poetry. The poet regarged it as his sacred mission to aply every ounce of creativity to the service of his people. IN this lies the immortality and eternal youth of Nizami’s art through the centuries. His works have been translated into Western as well as into Eastern languages from time to time and played their role in humanity’s moral development

Nizami Ganjavi was also a social reformer. His works reflect genuine, deep concern for the human condition not just for the characters in his epics, but for all people as well status of women always been paid a special attention. In doing so, he joins the ranks of the immortals, Nizami’s masterpiece, his “Khamsa” , like all great classics, from Homer to Shakespeare to the recent past have stood the test of time. So, it is most appropriate that he is celebrated not just in his native Azerbaijan but in the whole world.