IX GBF: "Challenges to the Global World Order"

Our world, the free world, is changing rapidly, with the values and international order agreed upon after the horrors of World War II being steadily eroded. Around 75 years ago, new institutions and structures were established on the basis of democratic, liberal, pluralistic values and
solidarity between different societal groups and nations. The United Nations was established under the slogan of “never again”. The Atlantic Charter evolved into NATO, conventions on human rights were agreed upon and the Bretton Woods institutions (the World Bank and the IMF) started functioning in order to create a better world. Some of these institutions and structures and the democratic values are now facing
existential threats. Multilateralism, which for many years was the dominant modus operandi of the international community, is being challenged and it conforms with other problematic global trends and phenomena. Some of the changes that represent the challenges arose side by side with, or as a result of, positive developments.
Understanding how and why this is happening is crucial for healing.
In these times of war and destruction, of tension and crisis, of human suffering and political challenges, the NGIC has redoubled its efforts to promote discussion with political leaders and international organizations, organizing on site missions on the humanitarian situation with Ukraine refugees, technical conferences, as well as political conversations with key decision-makers.

Our 2022 meeting comes at a time when challenges facing humanity are reaching new peaks. A time when there is a need for NGIC to bring the wisdom and experience of its distinguished members and participants in an open and unconstrained debate to learn from the past, assess the
present, and envision the future.