Exclusive High-Level Side Event to UN General Assembly

Published 22 September 2020



Thematic (Global) Session 1: The Pandemic and its consequences:

The pandemic has affected various countries in various ways. A public health challenge has engendered a major economic disaster. These two challenges will have to be handled together, as dealing with public health will enable the effective re-opening of the economy and the school system (see Thematic (Global) Session five on “Education”). 
So, on the Public Health Front, as new tests, therapeutics and vaccines are being developed, they must be delivered to all those who need them not just to those who can afford them. 
And to restart the global economy, much is being done in the rich countries who have reserve currencies but we must also think of the poorest countries, as not only are they unable to generate the kind of stimulus packages they need, they are also confronting external debt problems that would drain their resources.
But whatever we do, we must promote a “Green Recovery”. Use the enormous inputs into reviving the economy to promote a transition to a more environmentally sound economy and lifestyle. Can it be done? What instruments would we need for that?