IV Global Baku Forum: “Towards a Multipolar World”

10-11 March 2016

Main topic: the increasing multi polarization of the world: aspects; effects; governance; prospects; and actions.


Key Trend and Issues:

  1. Global insecurity and security: ISIS and terrorism; conflicts, Syria; Ukraine);
  2. Regional dynamics and challenges: Iran, Caspian, Syria, and the wider Europe
  3. Economic vitality and inequality, decline of the West and consequences serious global economic hardships;
  4. Climate change and energy policy: What role for oil producing countries;
  5. Multiculturalism, Interfaith Dialogue and integration in a connected world.


Focus on 10th of March: Politics/Geographic/Top issues

Focus on 11th of March: Thematic sessions, conclusions summary and action plan


All sessions will be accompanied by a concept narrative with guiding questions for facilitators and panel speakers.  All below remains indicative pending on inputs of key stakeholders.