OUR MISSION is to promote Learning, Tolerance, Dialogue and Understanding in a world that in many ways today is truly without barriers and with unprecedented access to knowledge and quick information, yet beset with never more problems in recent history rendering the four basic pillars of NGIC imperative.

We assemble scores of current and former heads of state or government who are not burdened by active day to day politics. They, together with dozens of academics from 60 countries worldwide, efficiently discuss pressing world issues and draw up recommendations based on their vast expertise and knowledge for the good of mankind.

The 3rd Baku Forum in 2015 with scores of former heads of state or government and representatives of worldwide academia was an excellent venue for vibrant discussions and analyses how to make the world a better, more tolerant and safer place. The fact that since its inception only three years ago, the Baku Forum has doubled it attendance list each year speaks volumes about its attraction to leaders, intellectuals and professionals from across the globe. Its two-day discussions focused on a range of topical global issues, including ethnic and other conflicts, terror threats, development of democracy, education, environment, energy security, inter-religious dialogue, and the role of women in maintaining peace.

NGIC is firmly convinced that in a very unsafe and unstable world that we now live in, every conference like the Baku Forum which seeks ways to remedy the current problems, to promote religious, ideological and other tolerance, human rights and freedoms is not just necessary but indispensable as that precious platform from which divergent views are heard and discussed, for the betterment of us all.

NGIC also organizes regional conferences with its local partners to assess issues and offer remedies to problems plaguing a given region. In 2015 alone, NGIC will have organized almost a dozen regional conferences across Europe and USA to tackle regional and global problems and seek ways to overcome them.

We draw our strength and wisdom not only from our members today, but also from our illustrious forefather Nizami Ganjavi, a 12th-century Azerbaijani poet, considered the greatest romantic epic poet in the world literature. His poetry has influenced the development of Azeri, Arabic, Turkish, Kurdish and Urdu poetry amongst many other languages but also modern writers and musicians like Eric Clapton whose global hit "Layla" was inspired by Nizami's story of "Layla and Majnun".

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